Yoga is for EveryBODY

No matter your experience, flexibility, age, size, shape - there is a yoga practice for you.

Yoga literally is for EveryBODY! 

We welcome everyone to our yoga studio!

If I'm not at home, this is where I want to be! Namaste...Tory, Topeka


I'd taken beginning yoga for forty years when illness and injury made it hard to even sit cross-legged or lie on my back without pain. I wandered into the Yoga Room because it had a chair class (Sharon is handicapped) and was amazed to find that it was "real" yoga - real poses, real breathing, real teaching. It felt like coming home. Over the months, the Yoga Room has developed into a supportive and fun community with new classes and approaches added just when needed. Sharon, Topeka


As a yoga teacher since 2012, I highly recommend the quality instruction happening here. It is welcoming, accessible, and good for all levels. Your first class is free, as are mats and props available for use. We loved our visit here as we were passing through on a road trip from yoga Capitol USA. We would happily return. Virginia, Asheville, NC.


So......I’ve been practicing Yoga at The Yoga Room for a little over a year. When I began, I would have never imagined the benefits I would receive from this activity. Through practicing about three times a week, my flexibility, balance, strength and overall health have improved considerably. In addition, I managed to lose about 10 pounds. The Yoga Room leaders are all certified Yoga instructors and they are amazing. They are devoted to leading the practices so each person benefits and avoids injury. I absolutely love each and every one of them! My time in The Yoga Room is the best investment I’ve ever made in my quest to limit the effects of aging on my body, my overall health and sense of wellbeing. I’ve tried Yoga in a few other venues and The Yoga Room just works for me! I can’t imagine life without it! Judy, Topeka


I have taken many other yoga classes throughout the years and none of them compare with the classes I attend at the Yoga Room. Each student is provided with encouragement and instruction to work at their own level, for that day, without judgment. I also really appreciate the laid back atmosphere and the amount of fun we have in class. I have recommended the Yoga Room to any of my friends who are thinking about getting involved with yoga, no matter what level they are. For me, it has provided me with improved balance, flexibility, and the ability to better manage the daily stressors of life. I plan to continue for as long as I can. I am so grateful to Kathy, Brenda, Angela and Chris! They are truly amazing. Deb, Topeka


Such great classes! Classes can be as hard or easy as you need them to be. Candlelight Restorative is amazing! It is just what I need at the end of a long week. I've been doing yoga for a couple of years and like all of the classes. Beginner yoga is great to learn more about yoga and not just go through the motions. Erin, Topeka


At the prompting of our adult son, I started yoga nearly a year ago.  Thankfully, The Yoga Room is where I settled.  The instructors are amazing.  Not only are they abundantly qualified to guide us through our yoga practice, but they are quite attuned to physiology, monitoring each of us.  These mentors are very sure to reinforce proper form always keeping in mind safety and health.  The  calm, gentle, and welcoming atmosphere of The Yoga Room beckons me to return multiple times a week to the practice with these gurus.   My aging body and mind are the better for it.  Diane, Topeka

For the first year of its existence, I drove from Lawrence to Topeka most Fridays after work to take Power Yoga. I was cutting it close to make it on time, but worth the effort and the drive. My schedule at work has changed so that I can no longer come Fridays, but thankfully a Power class is offered Wednesday nights. For me there is nothing like practicing yoga after working all day, to quiet my mind, tone my body, and continue to challenge myself. It's also the best space I've ever practiced yoga in. I highly recommend The Yoga Room!  Danielle T.

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