No worries, we want you to feel welcome and at home at The Yoga Room!   If at all possible we recommend that you take a Yoga Basics class or Gentle Flow as your first class at the Yoga Room.   Seniors and persons with limited range of motion try Chair Yoga. 


Bring a yoga mat, and water.  Bringing a beach towel/yogitoes for your mat is optional. Wear clothing that you can easily move in.  If it is your first time, please arrive about 10-15 min early so we have plently of time to check you in before class starts. 


New student concerns?


What if ... I'm overweight, too stiff or too...(fill in the blank)?

Anyone can practice yoga. Just make sure you're in the right class.  Our teachers will break-down poses and offer alternate poses or modifications to help you understand the pose and learn at your own pace.


What if ... I can't do a certain yoga pose?

Yoga is about so much more than being able make your body move into any particular shape. We create a safe, welcoming environment where each student learns and does the work at an individual level. 


What if ... I have an injury...even if it seems minor?
Let your teacher know what's going on. Every single body is different and thus our bodies should be treated wisely with the guidance of a good teacher, as well as intuition and awareness from the student. We do not believe typical alignment cues are wise or healing for every body. You will learn to personalize and modify a pose and accomplish the same results.


What if ... I'm nervous about coming to my first yoga studio class?
You are an individual. Our goal is to treat you as one.  Each person's yoga journey is a personal one. You can scale your classes and your effort to suit your personal needs. Our goal is to support you and to keep you practicing safely for as long as possible.

New to Yoga?

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