Class Descriptions

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Chair Yoga (Level 1)

Candelight Restorative (Level 1)


This class is accessible for everyone, in particular, seniors and persons with limited mobility. Students will learn poses while seated in a chair as well as standing and holding onto a chair (as able).


This is a class designed to restore and renew by incorporating simple and restorative poses with the breath in a quiet, calming environment, moving at a slow pace, in order to work deeply into the connective tissues to provide deep healing and relaxation for the body, mind and spirit.

Sound Bath Restorative (Level 1)

Bathe yourself in healing sounds. Join us the last Sunday of each month at 5pm for a special restorative class. This restorative class incorporates the relaxation of the crystal sound bowls - you’ll relax and reset at a whole new level. Sound Therapy is an ancient healing practice and an effective measure against stress and anxiety. Come experience it for yourself.

Yoga Basics (Level 1)

This class is for anyone seeking an introductory or gentle yoga class that goes slow and offers clear teachings of the mechanics of the primary poses, providing modifications, and teaches the how and why of yoga.


Gentle Flow (Level 1.5)

Gently link poses together slowly and intentionally while being mindful of the breath.  This slow flowing class builds strength, balance and flexibility while maintaining stability in the entire body.

Slow Flow (Level 1.5)

Slow Flow is a therapeutic flow designed to bring intention and more space between each pose, with a goal of bringing balance to the body and mind. When we slow down our moments and breathe with awareness, each pose becomes an exploration. Slow movements nourish the nervous system and are more conducive to mindfulness. This class is great for beginners, as well as seasoned practitioners with a desire to slow down! 

Yin Yang Flow  (Level 1.5)

Yin and yang yoga integrated into a flowing practice to create a strong and flexible body and a calm mind. In this class, we will start with a gentle yang yoga flow to energize and heat the body, followed by yin yoga poses to center and rejuvenate.  There will be more time for breathing, meditation and calming practice. 

Yoga Room Remix (All-levels) 

This class will give students a 60 minute yoga session with traditional poses as the foundation, with an opportunity for students to set their own pace in several sequences.  This all-levels class lets students continue building their individual yoga practice, while enjoying the energy of a group class set to upbeat music.  Appropriate for all levels, but be prepared to challenge yourself as you build endurance, strength, flexibility and balance. 

Mixed Flow (Level 2)

This class is great for athletes in-between workouts or on rest days and excellent for preventing injuries. It integrates strengthening and deep stretching with conscious breathing to increase mobility, flexibility and stability in the body. Classes target areas that get stiff from a regular workout routine, such as: shoulders, hips, quads, hamstrings, and more. 

Mixed Flow incorporates just the right elements of an energetic flow class including Vinyasa, strengthening, flexibility, mindfulness and playfulness. Classes are always different and unique and will challenge you in different ways.  Mixed Flow will leave your body feeling happy and your mind renewed. 


Mixed Flow Express (Level 2)

A shorter version of our Mixed Flow class (45 min). Come get your yoga on in the early morning and start your day energized and refreshed.  Note: Please enter through the main mall entrance doors located between Home at Last and The Hub for this 6am class as the rest of the mall doors will be locked.

Fusion 75 (Level 3)

This 75-minute class is a vinyasa-style class where poses are linked together with the breath and flow from one into the next. This class allows for extra time to deepen your practice.  The practice includes advanced poses, arm balances and inversions.  If you love Power Yoga, this is your class!  Not recommended for beginners or persons with injuries or health concerns.  

Monday   9-10am              Yoga Basics (online)

                  5:30-6:30pm     Gentle Flow



Tuesday  9-10am                Chair Yoga (online)

                 5:30-6:30pm        Yin Yang Flow



Wed.        9-10am               Gentle Flow (online)

                 5:30-6:30pm       Gentle Flow

                 7-8pm                 Mixed Flow


Thurs.      9-10am                All Levels (online)

                 5:30-6:30pm       Mixed Flow



Friday      9-10am                Yoga Basics



Sat.          8:30-9:30              Gentle Flow

                 10-11:15am           Fusion 75



Sunday    8:30-9:30am       Mixed Flow


Please arrive 10 minutes early, bring a yoga mat, water and any props. Silence your phone and remove your shoes upon entering the studio.

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